Dracaenic Apocryphos

About Us

    Dracaenic Apocryphos is the creative project of Elledani & Ragnar Dracaena. They are the definition of a power couple with several interests shared and uplifted by one another. At heart they are true artists emanating expression. 

    Elledani, also known as Dani, is a lifelong dancer and attended a high school for the arts, favoring 2D art. Her focuses are oil pastels, colored pencil, and charcoal. In dance she has trained formally in ballet, jazz, lyrical, tap, hip hop, and bellydance. Currently bellydance is her main focus, with implements of lyrical in performances. She is also a model specializing in fashion, nature, artistic, mild fetish, and cosplay.  Recently, Dani began to learn the ropes behind the camera as well!

   Ragnar grew up around music and describes it as the “soundtrack of life”, and therefore creates most of the soundscapes and music used by Dracaenic Apocryphos. He took all of the drama/public speaking classes he could during school, and has a passion for creating characters and interacting with large crowds. You will often find Ragnar singing or playing an instrument during their performances, although sometimes he is simply dancing or acting. He models occasionally, but prefers to be behind the camera. 

  Both Elledani and Ragnar are well studied members of the Pagan community. Elledani is an ordained minister that can offer a variety of ceremonies and services tailored to fit your needs. 

   In performance, Dracaenic Apocryphos will guide you into a mysterious and primal headspace by implementing an invigorating cocktail of pagan traditions, ritual, dance, and sexuality! 

Ragnar invokes an intoxicating primal archetype while performing with deep drumming, masculinely sensuous gestures, and a barbaric yet amorous aesthetic. He fortifies the connection of the crowd to their ancient ancestors, and acts as a guide through the experience Dracaenic Apocryphos is sharing with their audience.

Dani invokes sensuality, and in her performances, emanates unanimity, sexual vitality, tenacity, and a deep connection to the Universe. She leaves you filled with energy, empathy, and entirety as she helps to establish a connection between Spirit, the audience, and the performance.

Together, the Dracaenas bring about a harmonious ceremony capable of great things for those who are present.